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The world is busier, more stressful, and more full of mass-produced chemicals and toxins than ever. Have you ever wished there were simple, more natural remedies to restoring peace, balance, and tranquility in your home and in the lives of you and your family? Young Living essential oils, essential oil recipes, and essential oil products are created with one simple goal in mind - to help you find the perfect balance for your life.

We are your premier source for Young Living products and a resource for you to answer all the questions you have always had about essential oils regarding:

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At EssentialOils.love, we also offer a wide range of Young Living products that are currently used in natural remedies for home, beauty, and health, including:

Lavender oil
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We also offer both single oils and blended essential oils to help you achieve your personal goals for home and lifestyle detoxification. Even if you aren’t sure where your starting point should be, we’re here to help!

The EssentialOils.love Story
Hello! My name is Krystle Joy, and I fell in love with essential oils about 12 years ago. I used them mainly for DIY projects at home, specifically candles, body butter and body scrubs. While I enjoyed using them for the soothing aromas they brought to my projects, I never thought twice about the true purpose of essential oils until about 2014 when my soon-to-be sister-in-law introduced me to Young Living essential oils.

Ever since then, it has been an amazing learning journey with Young Living essential oils. I have gained an important understanding of the essential oil creation process and the importance of high-quality ingredients and attention to detail from farm to bottle. Because their product is pure and controlled, we, the consumers, know exactly what is happening with their products via their unique and transparent Seed to Seal® process. It is such a comfort to rely on a company that has such a strict business ethic, and it brings me great joy to be able to share this comfort with others and help them begin their own journey into Young Living essential oils.

The benefits of essential oils couldn’t have been more of a blessing to my family and me!  As a busy husband and wife team for a successful digital marketing company, we have plenty of reasons to desire balance, harmony, and detoxification in our lives, and using essential oils has also allowed us to detox our home, help us guide ourselves and each other emotionally, and help boost our immune support systems. We give daily thanks for all of the good that essential oils have brought into our lives, and my husband - the CEO of his own company - will attest that while he had skeptical thoughts about essential oils at first, he is now making direct requests to me for the essential oils he needs in his life.

Why Essential Oils Matter
To be quite honest - it’s like inviting nature into your home and just enjoying the experience. We all get so caught up with the big things in life - money, success, and material possessions - that it’s easy to deviate from the back-to-basics, simpler things in life. While having those larger things in life do matter to some extent, sometimes it’s the little things that make life so much nicer, and that is the true realization that I have made after allowing Young Living essential oils to work their natural magic in my home and with my family. I can only hope that anyone who has the experience with Young Living essential oils finds the same peace, joy, and love as they experience ultimate health and wellness on their journey to better living.

Through EssentialOils.love, I am reaching out to others who need a little bit more natural support in their lives and offering a valuable resource to help them get started. Peace, harmony, and balance mean something different for everyone, and no two people will use essential oils in the same way. Rather than searching for generic articles to learn how to incorporate these natural remedies into your home, reach out to me today and join our network of men, women, families, and hard-working businessmen and businesswomen and let us show you how the Young Living difference can truly help you in all aspects of your daily life.

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